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With the introduction of Dermapen’s predecessor in 2010, Microneedling was revolutionised with the first automated technology. The launch of Dermapen 4 sets a new standard and benchmark that delivers industry and procedural transformation

Why you’ll want to join the revolution

Over the past few years, millions of dollars have been allocated for research, development and modification that will reinvent microneedling as we know it. Nothing like this has ever been attempted before, the challenges of developing a device that could reliably control all functionality with the touch of a button were immense.

Stene Marshall, the creator of Dermapen, is an Australian engineerical innovator who has inspired and led a team of highly skilled hardware and software engineers to revolutionise the future of Micro needling - The Dermapen 4.

DermapenWorld caters to serious practitioners who desire to stay ahead of their competition. Dermapen 4 delivers the ultimate in advanced and innovative microneedling with unsurpassed confidence, service and outstanding patient results


12 Reasons to upgrade to Dermapen 4


New Scar Treatment Setting

Dominate successful treatment of scars with this exclusive new setting. Face and body contours may be effortlessly treated.

Revolutionary 16 Needle Cartridge Design

Patent-pending design creates more rejuvenating channels and increased results. Smooth efficacy glides over the skin for optimum patient comfort.

Visionary Marketing Support, Drives More Patients into Your Practice

Priority access to innovative clinic finder listings, media and and marketing support to promote your practice and procedures.

Dual Power Operation

Convenience and capability with battery or mains power options.

Built in RFID Needle Cartridge

For precise, reliable & drag free needle penetration - Automatic calibration. PATENT pending technology.

AOVN™ Retention Valves

Greater penetration, regulated suction release, no dragging.

Superior AOVN™ 4 Technology

Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needle Technology 4. Increased speed, increased precision and increased safety equals unparalleled procedures.

ACM™ - AntiContamination Management

Unrivalled safety and protection guaranteed. No fluid back flow, no cross contamination and no drag. Patent-pending design technology.

Sleek Digital Display with One Touch Integrated Procedural Settings

Manage depth, speed and treatment settings at the press of a button. See real-time display for procedural confidence.

Ergonomic Design

Effortless, smooth and comfortable treatment for face, body and scalp. Lightweight and durable hand-piece with easy-grip mechanism.

Bluetooth Enabled Connectivity

Automated warranty, updates and support for an unrivalled advantage.

7 Year Warranty

Fully transferable warranty including parts and labour. Secures your long-term investment.

Dermapen 4 MD

Up to 3mm depth

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Dermapen 4 Pro

Up to 1mm depth

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